Tinderbox Circus Sideshow was established in 2010, by Zak Crouch, a.ka. "Captain Darron von Awesome" and Kayti McMyermick a.k.a. "Trashique". Tinderbox consists of the antics of sideshow's backwoods weirdo kids Trashique & Captain Darron, two award-winning performance artists in the fields of sideshow and burlesque. Their experience totals over 23 years combined in not only the art of sideshow, but also in girlie shows, vaudeville debauchery, touring, circus tradition, and moonshine-induced madness!

We specialize in a wide array of feats, from the classic circus side tent (Sword Swallowing, The Human Blockhead, Glass Walking, the Bed of Nails, Fire Eating, etc.) to modernized twists (The Human Pincushions, Extreme Waist Cinching, The Human Crazy Straw, Body Piercing Weight Lifting, etc.) or dare devilish stunts, to our own original creations (The Knife Song, etc.)!

Our show is suitable for all venues and any audience. We pride ourselves on our versatility and flexibility. We cater our presentation to fit the needs of our clients, whether it be a carnival midway or a late-night dive! Ask us for references for your specific event at: tinderboxcircussideshow@gmail.com, or check our resume and list of experience!


We are a primarily touring and traveling sideshow, meaning we drive from town to town, state to state, bringing our brand of weird to stages everywhere we can. We are managed and booked internally. If you have an event or idea to pitch at us, please feel free to shoot us a message on any of our social media platforms or shoot us an email! We'd love to hear from you!