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Captain's Log Episode 1 :Gross

It's hard being on the road, at the best of times. You're hundreds of miles from your loved ones, the food sucks 90% of the time, you are within 5 feet of the people you're touring with at all times, the car smells like feet, and your butt pretty much never stops hurting from sitting in the car for hours on end every day. Seriously, why does my butt hurt right now? I HAVEN'T BEEN IN THE CAR FOR HOURS! And all that is the best of times. The times we've found ourselves in lately are definitely NOT those times. Miss Trashique and I have, very unfortunately, found ourselves with minor, and majorly annoying, sinus infections. We've been sick for a week, both of us, at the same time. Frankly, it's fucking gross. Dealing with illness on the road is a whole new beast. Neither of us is willing to admit how awful we feel, both of us wanting to tough it out and get things done, but we both are not at 100% and we can both see it in one other. Honestly, this is a new experience all around. I've been sick on the road before, Trashique has been sick on the road before, but never both of us at the same time. I have no idea how we're still moving at this point. We ARE still moving though. If you could say anything about the folks in Tinderbox, we're all stubborn enough to tough it out. Between the doses of mucinex, rearranging patter on stage to work around the coughing fits, and getting the sweats from carrying literally anything for more than 20 feet, the show is still going on. We're moving a little slower, we're snotty and coughing and gross, but the show always goes on. What would it take to stop us? We've yet to find that answer, but it's going to take more than a phlegmy cough and a runny nose to keep us from bringing you the highest quality show we’re able to. In the meantime, that show will come to you courtesy of medicine and green snot. See you down the road, Cpt Darron von Awesome 

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