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Captain's Log Episode 5: The Off Season

I hate the off season.

Traditionally, ever since Tinderbox began touring year round and traveling with any kind of seriousness, we've taken time off for the holidays. From mid November to mid January, we revert into home bodies, and normal citizens of the world, more or less. This not only gives us the chance to celebrate the holidays with each other and our respective families, but we spend a great portion of this time also planning what our next year will look like. New tours, new opportunities, new cities, new acts, new (really) bad jokes. Typically speaking, we even start the booking process for the first half of the year even before Christmas. While the off season is our time off from touring and performing, there's no rest for the Tinderbox.

That's not where my discomfort comes from though. I like to stay busy, and there's always something to work on. Hardly a day of this off-season has passed without myself or Trashique putting our fingers into something show related. No, where my discomfort comes from is the hours in between, when the day's work is done and the group message goes silent and it's time for relaxing and true-crime documentaries and dinner. Being a normal person, with a normal day, doesn't sit right with me anymore.

When we're on tour, all 24 hours of our day are spoken for, and to be in any one given spot for more than an hour means that it's showtime, and as soon as that show is done, we're moving again. There's always the next thing to do, there's always the next place to get to, and there's always a new view around every corner.

How am I supposed to go from that, from being in a new place with new people every time my eyes open, to sitting still for months? I don't get itchy feet, my feet are on fire. I don't get wanderlust, I AM wanderlust. I count down every minute until I can be on the road again, until I can be on stage again. I'm not the best worker (there was an audible scoffing laugh from Trashique when she read this sentence in my first draft), but during the off season, I do more behind the scenes work than I do all year, because every second of that behind the scenes tedium brings me a second closer to being back on stage.

Man, I really hate the off-season, because we have an incredible show for you in the coming year, and I can't wait until I'm bringing it to you.

See you down the road, Captain Darron von Awesome

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