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Captain's Log Episode 6: It's Almost Showtime

Alright folks. It's almost showtime.

My cohorts and colleagues have spoken far and wide about what this show, about what the Southern Sideshow Hootenanny, and about what sideshow as a whole, means to them, and in far more eloquent words than I could manage. But I want to talk to you, the day before our one big Lexington show, about something else.

I want to talk to you about what this show, and about what sideshow, means to you.

You see, this is Lexington, KY, where on any given day or night, your entertainment options are horses and alcohol. Go to the farm, or go to the bar. And the bars in Lexington do a magnificent job of making sure that they are as entertaining as they can possibly be. Every single night, music rings out of the doors of one, or many, or all of our fine evening halls. Bands from all over the world come to beat their songs out to our little piece of the planet, and we should thank them every one for that.

But you can take a band home. You can buy a CD or stream on Spotify or even point your nose upwards and flip it over to the vinyl's B side. You can relive that band, that music, and those songs, over and over and over again at your slightest whim. You cannot do that, with the sideshow.

To see the sideshow, you can only Step Right Up and SEE the sideshow. You have to see it to believe it and you have to be there to see it. It's all Alive and Real on the INSIDE! And as soon as the curtain falls and the lights come up, it's gone, like it had never been there at all. And if you weren't there, if you can't say that you didn't see it with your own eyes, there is no reliving that moment. There's no YouTube video that care dare to do it justice. It is gone to only the memory of those lucky few who stood in the crowd and saw it happen.

So this is your chance, beautiful folks of Lexington Kentucky, now is your chance. An evening of wonder and amazement and laughter, of frights and shocks, of the strange, the unusual, the shocking and the unbelievable, and it only ever happens once.

So don't let this opportunity pass you by, don't shrug off an unforgettable night because it causes you some slight, forgettable, inconvenience. Because when the circus leaves town, it only leaves wagon tracks, peanut sacks, and smiles on the faces of those who dared to be there.

See you tomorrow.

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